Canadian Chemistry Contest (CCC)
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Canadian Chemistry Contest (CCC) Introduction Challenge Rules Requirements Scholarship Sample Problems CCO Sample Problems FAQ CCC Results Inquiry and Certificate(s) DownloadScore Inquiry and Certificate(s) DownloadThe results have been published. Please scan the QR code to log in to the ASDAN … Read More

The Junior Canadian Chemistry Olympiad (JCCO)
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The Junior Canadian Chemistry Olympiad (JCCO) Introduction Challenge Rules Registration Details Scholarship FAQ Exam Entrance Periodic Table and Data Sheet Learning Resources Hosted by the Chemical Institute of Canada (CIC) Canada’s premier national chemistry competition mainly for middle school students … Read More

Australian Science Olympiads-Chemistry (ASOC)
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Australian Science Olympiads-Chemistry(ASOC) Introduction Challeage Rules Registration Scholarship FAQ Hosted by Australian Science Innovation (ASI) The Australian Science Olympiad Competition – Chemistry is the toughest chemistry exam in Australia It is rewarding opportunity for high school students to challenge and … Read More

UK Chemistry Olympiad (UKChO)
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The UK Chemistry Olympiad (UKChO) Introduction Challenge Rules Requirements ASDAN EPQ Scholarship Sample Problems FAQ My Registration 2021 Score Inquiry 2021 Certificates Learning Resources The most prestigious chemistry competition for school students in UK Administered by the Royal Society of … Read More