MILSET (The International Movement for Leisure Activities in Science and Technology) is the world's largest non-profit STEM academic activity platform for young people. It aims to establish an international scientific exchange platform, cultivate the "scientific culture" of the young generation, encourage them to break through geographical and cultural constraints, and think about how to use science together to solve the problems facing our world. MILSET has membership in 18 countries, with the main membership being national youth science associations. Each year, MILSET hosts more than 30 STEM science events around the world and is open to youth in member States, with the aim of promoting communication between youth in different countries. Among them, the largest are the Global Youth Science Forum, the Global Science Photography Exhibition and Review, and the Youth Science Roundtable.

ASDAN China entered into a strategic cooperation with MILSET in 2020, committed to establishing MILSET China site to provide more diverse STEM activities for Chinese representatives. The MILSET Global Science Photography exhibit invites students to use cameras to discover and explain the mysteries of science. All photos from China will be evaluated in China, and the best will be submitted to MILSET global for review by MILSET's team of jury.


Language: English

Photo Eligibility

• Photo Format:jpg, png format(Colour or grayscale,Photos must be captured using a digital camera)
• Minimum resolution: 2000 pixels wide,Maximum file size: 10MB
• Brief plain language (only in English):
a. Title (in English, maximum of 60 characters)
b. Brief description of the science concept or phenomena depicted in the photo. The explanation should be understandable for youth/students and the public. (Maximum 300 characters)


• This year 2022, MILSET is focusing its activities on SPACE matters, so the MILSET STEAM Photo Contest opens the call to all participants to show their passion for SPACE capturing and explaining the science behind those pictures.
• SPACE includes stars, sky, moons, planets, eclipses
• But in case your passion is in other matters, the MILSET STEAM Photo contest is ready to receive your photos too and to learn together about science and technology around us.

Photo Eligibility

• Each contestant may submit a maximum of one photos for judging
• Any photo that demonstrates communicates or explains a scientific, technological, engineering, or mathematical concept or phenomenon is eligible.
• Photos must be the sole work of the contestant
• Photographs capturing faces are not allowed due to the General Data Protection law
• Processing, including cropping and adjustments to correct or enhance exposure or colours, is acceptable; the addition, removal, or distortion of significant content is not permitted.Photos created by any software are not allowed
• Photos must not include a watermark or descriptive text

Evaluation criteria

The submitted photos will be evaluated anonymously by a jury comprised of at least ten (10) persons recognised for their competence in the fields of photography, STEAM education, or scientific communication.
• Originality: creativity of the photo and/or photographic technique
• Informational content: effectiveness at communicating the phenomenon or concept
• Technical proficiency: focus, composition, depth of field, Photo processing
• Artistic and Visual Impact: aesthetic quality, visual and emotional appeal


• Middle School(Grade7-9)、High School(Grade10-12)
• Students who have passion for science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics (STEAM)
• Students who love media photography and graphic design


GLobal awards

• Global Top 3
(* The best 10 photos will be displayed through the MILSET SPC Virtual gallery on the MILSET website.)

National awards

• Qualifier Award:top 35%



Award Announcement Time

  • National Award Announcement Time:Sep 2022
  • Global Award Announcement Time:Sep 2022


  • Deadline:11 July 2022


If, for some reason, the student is unable to attend after paying the fee, please contact us. If you apply before the registration deadline, 25% of the registration fee will be deducted as academic materials and service fees. If you apply after the registration deadline, no refund will be given.
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